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Research Support


Creating New Scholarship

The Libraries provide support for scholarly research and publishing through all phases of the process. The Subject Liaison Librarians are research partners, saving time and increasing the visibility and impact of the work.

Digital Projects

Our Digital Scholarship department works in partnership with other departments in the Libraries, with the Center for Teaching Excellence, with ITS Research Services, and especially with BC faculty and students.They explore and document new tools and support teaching and research projects in a variety of areas, including: web exhibits/storytelling, web mapping, textual encoding, corpus and network analysis, visualization, and more.

Contact them directly or ask your subject librarian for more information about their services.

Copyright issues

Copyright issues affect your new scholarship in at least two ways:

  • you hold rights as a creator
  • you may want to incorporate content that is copyrighted to others

Copyright protection of your work is automatic and begins as soon as a work is created. As the author you will want to manage your rights effectively. When you publish:

  • read the copyright agreement carefully
  • negotiate to retain the rights you need  to make use of your own work

See our Copyright and Scholarship guide for more information on author rights and contract negotiation.

Using third party content

If you are using third party work in your scholarship, you will need to determine if:

(Links are to the sections of our Copyright and Scholarship guide that address these issues.)

You might also prefer to search for material you are free to use. For tips on finding reusable images, see Finding Images or try searching for materials licensed for re-use under a Creative Commons license.


Our journal publishing program

Open Access Journal Publishing brochure

Create a new Open Access journal

Through our Scholarly Communication program the Libraries provide services for Boston College faculty, staff, and students who want to publish an online open access journal.

Boston College open access journals are published using Open Journal Systems (OJS) software, an open source management and publishing system. OJS provides a professional online presence and assists with every stage of the journal publishing process—submissions, peer review, online publication, and indexing. Library staff customize the journal appearance, provide initial training to editorial staff and provide ongoing technical support.