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Nexis Uni and Newspapers

In this video, Doug introduces two methods to learn more about the issues and ethical concerns around your research topic. He will show you how to search for sources in Nexis Uni and use Newspapers to gain deeper knowledge and stay informed about ethical concerns connected to your company or industry.

Video length: 2 minutes 26 seconds

Basic Steps

Nexis Uni
  • Use Nexis Uni to find law reviews for your topic
  • Navigate to BC Libraries and search databases for Nexis Uni
  • Isolate for "law reviews" and search for your research topic
    • Limit results as necessary to get between 50-100 results
  • Be critical about source of your results: author and point of view will impact the opinions presented
  • Newspapers can spark ideas by keeping you informed and current
  • Navigate to BC Libraries and find Newspapers in the Research Guides
  • BC provides free access to several newspapers
    • Follow instructions to create accounts as necessary
      • Use VPN if off campus

Philosopher's Index

In this video, Chris discusses the connections between philosophy and business. He will show you how to search for sources in Philosopher's Index that will reveal more about the philosophical and ethical aspects of your business research.

Video length: 2 minutes 36 seconds

Basic Steps

  • Use Philosopher's Index to learn about philosophical and ethical issues surrounding your topic of research
  • Navigate to BC Libraries and search databases for Philosopher's Index
  • Search using key terms around your topic
  • Explore useful resources to find more key terms 

Next steps

  • Look up philosophers and terms in Oxford Reference Online to get a quick definition or description
  • Use the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy for more Wikipedia-length discussions
  • Use the library catalog two ways to go deeper
    • search for [last name] and [title] to find something by a philosopher
    • search for a topic (utilitarianism) or a philosopher (aristotle) and "companion" or "very short introduction" to get more context and suggested reading

Reflection Questions

  1. What ethical concerns do you need to think of in your research area?
  2. What do you need to think about when evaluating sources from an ethical lens?