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IBISWorld and Statista

This video provides an overview of two databases to help you research at an industry level: IBISWorld and Statista.

Video length: 2 minutes 8 seconds

Basic Steps

  • Use IBISWorld to identify industry or industry level overviews
  • Navigate to BC Libraries and search databases for IBISWorld
  • Search IBISWorld for your industry
    • Be aware that synonyms will help you find your industry
  • See industry segment link will provide more information about your industry
  • Use Statista for a variety of resources including dossiers, raw data, reports, and more
  • Navigate to BC Libraries and search databases for Statista
  • Search Statista for your industry
  • Forecasts and surveys are available

Reflection Questions

  1. How can you approach data in ethical way? What questions might you consider when examining how to use data?
  2. Does the industry you're researching impact the world for good? What kind of impact does your industry have on the world?
  3. How do the issues you are researching influence how you see the connected industry?
  4. What industries impact your industry, as either customers, suppliers, competitors, or strategic partners?