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Linking to BC Credentials

Link existing ORCID to your BC Eagle ID number

If you have an existing ORCID, you can link it to your BC ID number.

Having an ORCID allows you to import publication citations to your Faculty Annual Report. Funders, publishers, scholarly societies, fellow researchers and potential collaborators all need to be able to identify your work. Boston College needs to identify and collect comprehensive, accurate information about BC’s scholarly contributions to the world’s knowledge.

Using your BC single sign on log-in with ORCID

You can sign in to ORCID with yor BC credentials once you link them. On the sign in page at, choose Institutional account, then click on the BC suggestion, if it appears, or search for it in the institution list. You will need to enter your email and ORCID password to complete this step the first time. After completion you will be able to log-in with your BC credentials. The screen shot below shows the appearance of the sign-in page.

institutional log-in screen shot