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Fill out Faculty Annual Report

ORCID and Faculty Annual Report (Faculty180) Integration

Faculty180 LogoORCID integrates with Boston College's Faculty Annual Report software (Faculty180) to provide a fast and reliable way to fill out the Faculty Annual Report. Faculty who have already created an ORCID at and filled out their profile are able to pull that information from ORCID to Faculty180 with just a few clicks.

Use the ">" button on the tutorial below to move back and forth in the slideshow.

Import data from ORCID to your Faculty Annual Report

Boston College Agora portral with the Faculty Annual Report link circled in red

Step 1: Login to Faculty Annual Report Software (Faculty180)

To import data from ORCID to your Faculty Annual Report, begin by logging into the Faculty Annual Report software (Faculty180) account by going to Agora ( and logging in with your BC ID. Then, click on "Faculty Annual Reports" under the "Academics and Courses" heading. This will automatically log you into your Faculty180 account.

Faculty Annual Report software (Faculty180) homepage

Step 2: Faculty180 Homepage

You will arrive at this homepage on Faculty180.

Faculty180 homepage with the

Step 3: Navigate to Vitas & Biosketches

Click on the "Vitas & Biosketches" link in the left hand navigation pane.

Step 4: Connect your ORCID to Faculty180

Click on the "Create or Connect your ORCID iD" link under the "Vita / Profile Systems" dropdown.

site for ORCID

Step 5: Sign into ORCID

The Faculty180 software will request access to ORCID so that it can read what information is in your ORCID profile. Sign in with your Boston College institutional account by clicking on the "Institutional Account" button.

Step 6: Connect to Boston College Institutional Account

After clicking on "Institutional Account", you will need to choose your institution. ORCID may suggest Boston College or you may have to search for it. Click on Boston College to use your BC single sign-on to access your ORCID account.

Confirmation of authorization screen

Step 7: Authorize Faculty180 to access your ORCID account

After you have logged into your account, you will need to authorize Faculty180 to access your ORCID profile. Make sure that the "Allow this permission until I revoke it" box is checked and click the "Authorize" button.

Faculty 180 portal with ORCID ID successfully listed under

Step 8: ORCID Successfully Listed Under "Vita's & Biosketches"

Confirm that your ORCID is correctly listed under "Vita / Profile Systems" in Faculty180.

Faculty 180 portal,

Step 9: Click on the "Import" Button

In the same section as the previous step, click on the "Import" button.

ORCID categories of information listed within Faculty180

Step 10: Faculty180 Lists Potential Information to Pull from ORCID

After you click "Import" Faculty 180 will list all of the potential information it could pull from ORCID under various different categories. Faculty180 can pull in anything listed in ORCID profiles including publications, biographical information, new funding sources, education, etc.

Listing of author works with the checkboxes checked to import all of the articles into Faculty180

Step 11: Choose What Information to Import from ORCID

At this point, you can choose to pull some or all of the information ORCID has into your Faculty180 profile. At this time, we recommend pulling only "Works" (e.g published articles, conference proceedings, etc.) from ORCID into Faculty180.

Faculty 180 portal with all ORCID data checked for import.

Step 12: Confirm Selections and Import Data

Look over your selections once again to ensure that everything you wish to import has been checked. Don't worry if you chose not to import something or forget to check it - you can always come back to the import manager later. Once confirmed, click the "Import" button in the lower left corner.

Faculty 180 portal with all of the data imported.

Step 13: Save Data

Once data has been imported into Faculty 180, you must save it by clicking the button in the lower left-hand corner.

Faculty180 portal with ORCID data successfully added.

Step 14: Success Screen

After saving your data in Faculty180, you will see a success screen with the upload result (circled in red).

Step 15: View Imported Articles and Edit if Necessary

In the Faculty180 portal, click on "Activities" to view the articles and other academic work you imported from ORCID. At this point, you can:
1) Edit the information that was imported by clicking on the pencil,
2) Delete an article by clicking the "X", or
3) Make a copy of the article by clicking on the two rectangles.

Congratulations! You've connected your ORCID profile with the Faculty Annual Report software, Faculty180. You can return to the import dialog at any time to update your Faculty180 profile by going to "Vitas & Biosketches", scrolling down to "Vita / Profile Systems", and clicking "Import" (see Step 9 for instructions from there).

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