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Resources for History Graduate Students



This is a guide to history resources for graduate students.

Researching History

The study and practice of history is diverse and you have the opportunity to carve your own research path. BC has resources here to help you on your research journey. This guide is designed to assist you with the essential components of crafting your research question. To start, consider:

  • Writing out your research question; 
  • Breaking down that question into its components: date(s), place(s), people(s), topic(s);
  • Discovering whether any secondary material already exists on your subject as published academic material or theses/dissertations; 
  • Looking into available primary sources;
  • Tracking your materials through bibliographic managers in order to build your citations; 
  • Taking organized notes on your readings.


For more, contact your History liaison, Erin, or schedule an appointment.

History Liaison