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Electronic Theses and Dissertations



Submitting your Graduate Thesis/Dissertation

What is eTD@BC?

eTD@BC is the system that graduate students at Boston College use to submit their theses and dissertations. All final eTDs must be submitted and published online through ProQuest/UMI, as well as BC’s Open Access institutional repository, eScholarship. (For more information, see the University eTD policy.)

Please note:

  • The eTD checklist will help you through the process. To use it, simply go to the link, click File → Make a copy... and begin editing your personal copy.
  • Students should not furnish paper copies of their thesis or dissertation to the Boston College Libraries. And, there is no charge for the online submission.
  • eTD@BC workshops are held each October and February. If you are/were unable to attend, please review the information on this website and in the accompanying slides. For additional questions, please contact the ETD Administrator.
  • There is an extensive FAQ to help you quickly resolve questions.

Before Beginning the Process

Before beginning your submission, please read through the instructions, presented as follows:

  1. Decide key choices
  2. Prepare your digital files
  3. Submit your thesis or dissertation

At the end of these instructions, you will be directed to ProQuest's ETD Administrator website where you must make your submission and decisions about your ETD

Why Open Access?

To better understand the value of having your work in eScholarship, BC's Open Access institutional repository, listen to what BC faculty have to say about Open Access.

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