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Historical Methodology


History of Food

This is a guide to different sources available through Boston College relating to various methodological studies of history including cultural, history of medicine, etc.

Page under Construction

This page is currently under construction and far from complete. If you notice broken links or have suggestions, please write the subject liaison e-mail. 

What's on This Page

    Reference Shelf

    Broad Digital Collections

    As you search for information on your chosen culinary focus (e.g., wheat or tea) make sure to look for visual representations (e.g., paintings) and ephemera (e.g., cooking implements) associated with your commodity. Know how it was depicted, cooked, consumed, and used.

    Sources: Digital Cookbook Collections

    Sources: Menus (U.S. focus)

    Topics: Digital Collections on Culinary Culture

    Topics: Drinks

    Topics: Food Science

    Topics: Ingredients and Resources

    For Additional Help

    For additional recommendations, contact your History Liaison, Erin, at or schedule an appointment.