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Educational Resource Center (ERC)


Course Reserves

For Students

If your instructor put items on reserve, you can find a list in Canvas; click on Course Resources. Lists can include links to articles, chapters, films, etc. and physical items found at the library. Physical items, such as books or DVDs, will indicate a library location (O'Neill, Bapst, etc.) and can usually be checked out at the library's service desk and used for 2 hours at a time.

How faculty can request reserves

Log into Canvas and use the Course Resources tab on the left menu or log into to Course Resources directly. 


The ERC allows instructors to request that course materials be set aside for students. Physical items placed on ERC Course Reserves may be viewed in the library for 2 hours. Reserve materials can include:

  • ERC or personal books
  • Course packets
  • Films and videos
  • Kits or realia
  • Technology items (iPad, ELMO, etc.)

Items must be requested for reserves each semester. Unless contacted by a course instructor, we will remove items at the end of each semester. To remove an item on reserve during the semester, email with the title(s) of the item(s).

Important dates

In order to review and obtain material for your course, we ask that you submit your lists well in advance of the start of classes.  Priority is given to requests submitted before the following dates:

  • Fall semester: August 15
  • Spring semester: December 1
  • Summer session: April 15

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