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ERC Test Collection


Getting Started

The guide lists the ERC Test policy and how to find tests.

Checking out Tests & ERC Test Collection Policy

Test Access

Only Boston College undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students who have acquired written consent from a Lynch School professor granting them permission to access the ERC’s test collection are allowed to do so. There are no exceptions to this rule. Should you have additional questions regarding the ERC’s test circulation policy or loan privileges, please speak with an ERC supervisor or the Head Librarian.

To gain access to the ERC’s test collection, interested students must have a Lynch School of Education faculty member email Once access has been confirmed, the patron's name will be added to the test access list. If a patron is not on this list, they do not have access to the tests.


Viewing a test in the ERC

An ERC patron must have been granted written permission by a Lynch School of Education faculty member to view a test.

Alumni and non-BC patrons are NOT permitted to view tests. Even if the patron is interested in viewing the test in-house at the ERC, the test must be checked out in the same manner as possible if the patron were planning on keeping the test for the full loan period.


Circulation Policy

  • Patrons must have their BC ID.
  • Patrons may only borrow two tests at a time.
  • Tests circulate for 4 days only.
  • A test cannot be renewed. If there are no reservations on a test, a test may be checked in and checked back out to a patron with an ERC supervisor's permission.
  • When returning a test, patrons must wait while an ERC staff member checks that all test items are accounted for. This includes all applicable tags and bags before the test is returned.


  • The fine for overdue tests is $10.00 per day. 
  • Fine accumulates at the rate of $10.00 for each day or portion of a day the test is late.
    • Example: Test is due Monday but returned Tuesday...The fine= $20.00. This is to ensure that the test is back for the next patron.
  • There will be a replacement charge for lost bags and tags.
  • All overdue fines are charged to the patron’s student record.

Searching the Library Catalog for Tests Available in the ERC


To find tests available in the ERC, use the following steps to search the library catalog.

1. Go to the Boston College Library Catalog homepage.

2. Click on the 'Advanced search' link in the blue box.Blue search box on library catalog page


3.  Under the 'Search Scope' drop-down arrow choose the 'Educational Resource Center'. In the first search field that says 'Any field', click on the drop-down arrow and select 'Local Collection Name'. In the black search field type 'test collection' and click the green SEARCH button. This will list all the test items in the ERC Test Collection.

Where to type text in search box

4.  If you want to find a specific test, add the name of the test in the second line blank search field and click on the green SEARCH button.

If you need assistance, please visit the ERC Service Desk or email for additional assistance

Finding Tests in the BC Library Database

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