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Send to the library

A guide for instructors and other staff on how to set up course resource lists in Canvas.

Send your list to the library

In order for the library to start processing your list, and to make the list visible to your students, you must send it to us. You can send the list as soon as you start working on it, even if you only have a few items added. As you make updates or changes, you can continue to send it to the library. 

screenshot of send to library button

Click on SEND TO LIBRARY.  The button will then read LIST SENT.

We will review each citation, and order items that we do not already have in our collection.  As each citation is confirmed, it will appear as "Complete" on your list and be visible to students in your course.

If you make changes to your list after sending it to the library, click the SEND TO LIBRARY button again. 

What do students see?

You can view your list as a Student by clicking on the resource list options at the top right, and View list as a student.

Note: Course Resources will not display using Canvas' Student View feature. Instead instructors can view the list as a student from the Course Resources List Menu (top right three dots ...) and then click "View list as a student". 

screenshot of list menu

Click the X at the bottom right corner to leave the Student View:

screenshot of how to close student view

Communicate with the library

Staff will use the Library Discussion to communicate about the items on your list. You should receive an email when new comments are added to the Library Discussion.  When you log into Course Resources, if you have messages from the library, you will see a number on the bell in the upper right menu.

screenshot of notifications bell