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Course Resources for instructors


Link to sections & items on a list

A guide for instructors and other staff on how to set up course resource lists in Canvas.

Link within Canvas Modules

Create links to specific sections or specific items on a List. For example, if you want to point your student to all the items for a particular week or module that you have in a section on your list, follow these steps:

Within a Canvas module, click to add an item to a module. Choose Add External Tool, then Course Resources

screenshot of Canvas external tools


You now have a link to your full list.  Open up your list and choose the Section you want to link to. Click the section menu (three dots) and then click Re-link from Canvas to here.

screenshot of relink to here


screenshot of popup relink button

Follow the same steps to link to an individual item on your list.  Add the Course Resources external tool to a Module. Open the link, find the item you want to link directly to. Click the item menu (three dots) and then click Re-link from Canvas to here.


Linking to Canvas (video 2:23)