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Course Resources for instructors


Add and manage items

A guide for instructors and other staff on how to set up course resource lists in Canvas.

Add items to a list

Add items such as books, articles, chapters, films, web sites, documents, etc. to your list. Any items not already owned by the library, we will try to purchase. There are several ways to add items to your list.

Add items from the Library Catalog and Library Search

You can add items directly from the Library Catalog and Library Search. From your search results, open the item by clicking on the Title.  At the bottom of the screen you will see a box named Course Resources. Click and login. Click Course Resources again, and you can either add the item to a List or to your Collection.

screenshot of catalog item with course resources button

Add items via Cite It!

Use the Cite It! bookmark to add links to websites, videos and other digital content you find on the internet. For example, you can add items found on Amazon or another website that you want the library to purchase, or add links to content such as YouTube that you want your students to watch.

Install Cite It!

To install Cite It! in your browser

  • click on your initials for the User Menu

screenshot of user menu

  • click on Cite It! to open bookmarklet, and
  • drag and drop to browser bookmarks bar to install.

screenshot of cite it button

Click Cite It! from the web

An example using Cite It! to add a book found on Amazon:


screenshot of CiteIt pop-up window

Learn how to use Cite It! (video 3:46)

Other ways to add items

screenshot of add items optionsFrom your List, click ADD ITEM or the +   Then choose an option:

Library Search - search for a known item in the library. Adding items from the Library Catalog is recommended over this option. 

Create Your Own - create an item from scratch.

Upload a File - drag files to upload them. 

Collection - add previously saved items from your collection.


Tags will help you convey information about items

Tags with a mortar board inform student whether a item is Required, Optional, and/or Recommended

      Tags with a modern building are visible only to you, the instructor, and librarians. Students can't see these tags. The library staff use Purchase in progress to let you know that an item is being purchased.

Library Discussion

Use Library Discussion located on right side panel to ask a librarian questions about your list.

screenshot showing library discussion page


Alternatively, each item in a list has a link to Ask the library about this item on the right side panel.

screenshot showing library discussion at the item level

Both links can be used to communicate with library staff. Here are some questions you might send about your list or the items on the list:

  1. I had some readings from a previous semester that I would like to use again. Can you help me attach those to this course?
  2. Can the library license this film?
  3. I didn't find this book at BC, can you buy the online version?
  4. I want my students to use this textbook, can you get this for me?
  5. I'd like my class to watch this Netflix film. Is that possible?


Collection is where you can store sources and items for your own future use or for later inclusion into a Course Resources list.

screenshot showing collection link

Add items to Collection by the same means as adding items to your Lists. Use Library Search, Cite It!, or Create Your Own form.