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CHEM6611: Scientific Communication in Chemistry


3a. Successive Fractions

Overview of library resources supporting graduate research

Successive Fractions

Example: amine functionalization by photoredox catalysis

In most library databases, you can start by entering a search as if you were talking to a person or writing a paper.

SciFinder-n References search for amine functionalization by photoredox catalysis


Default Reaxys "Quick search" for amine functionalization by photoredox catalysis

After entering your search, look for a Filter, Limit, or Refine area in the display. Common options include article or document or publication type, language, and publication year. A "review" article or document or publication type is a good starting point, especially if you need to learn more about a topic.

Additional useful options:

  • Author
    • Look at other articles written by the most prolific authors
    • Review articles are usually written by experts in a field. Once you find a review, search for other articles the author(s) wrote.
  • Indexing (Concept, Index Term, MeSH, Subject Heading, etc.) assigned by subject experts
    • Use these terms to find most of the references in a database about a topic
    • Note: Articles added recently to a database won't be fully indexed
  • Use the search box or "Search Within Results" to add additional search terms to narrow your group of results
  • Substances or reactions (in SciFindern and Reaxys)

Use this approach in SciFindern to find recent English-language review articles about amine functionalization by photoredox catalysis. Use the same approach in Reaxys but click Edit in Query Builder to see how Reaxys modifies your search. Does SciFindern reveal how it modifies your entered search?