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British History


Women in British History

This is a guide to researching British History at Boston College.

Primary Sources in British Women's History

This page provides access points to multiple different collections relating to women in modern British History. These sources include texts written by women and texts about women.

What's on This Page

    Broad Digial Collections

    Broad Digital Collections about Women

    Sources: Authors Who Happen to be Women

    Sources: Data & Statistics

    Sources: Magazines and Other Periodicals

    Sources: Personal and Family Papers

    Topics: International Movements

    Topics: Social Movements

    Topics: Travelers

    Topics: Women at Work

    Topics: Suffrage

    Burns Box


    In our very own special collections library (Burns), you'll find a selection of material on your topic. Consider visiting the library and seeing history in your hands. To do so, you should start by searching for material through BC Libraries' catalog and then ordering it (if you haven't registered, you'll be prompted). For a guide on the process, check out the "Finding Burns Material" page.  You might also check out the following recommendations: