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British History


Early Modern in Primary Sources

This is a guide to researching British History at Boston College.

What's on This Page

This page has a lot on it. You can use the following anchors (links down the page) to jump straight to a relevant box.

    Broad Digital Collections

    Sources: Advertisements, Cartoons, and Pamphlets

    Sources: Books and Printed Material

    Sources: Government Papers and Official Documentation

    British Parliament



    Newspapers and Other Periodicals

    Sources: Personal Papers

    Topics: Civil War, Commonwealth, & Protectorate, 1649-1660

    Topics: Empire

    Topics: Slavery and Emancipation

    Most of the sources above--regarding Colonial State Papers, Parliament papers, and more--include discussions of slavery. 

    For additional help

    For additional recommendations, contact your subject liaison (Dr. Bee Lehman) at or schedule an appointment with them.