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EESC1507/HIST1513 - Powering America: Energy, Tech, Environment


U.S. Primary Sources

Library resources for EESC1507/HIST1513 - Powering America: Energy, Tech, Environment

U.S. Environmental History in Primary Sources

"Environmental history is always about human interaction with the natural world or, to put it in another way, it studies the interaction between culture and nature. The principal goal of environmental history is to deepen our understanding of how humans has been affected by the natural environment in the past and also how they have affected that environment and with what results."

K. Jan Oosthoek, “What Is Environmental History?,” Environmental History Resources (blog), January 3, 2005,

What's on This Page by Source and Topic


    Sources: Broad Picture Collections

    Sources: Data Sets

    Sources: Journals and Diaries

    Sources: Law & Gov. Docs

    Sources: Newspapers and other Periodicals

    For historical newspapers and television, visit BC Libraries' Historical News page.

    Sources: Reports (Industry and Government)

    For additional access points for industry reports, visit BC Libraries' Industry Reports Research Page page.

    Scholarship: Podcasts, Blogs, and other Scholarship

    Topics: Agriculture

    Topics: Forestry

    Topics: Landscape Design and Urban Parks

    Topics: Mining

    Topics: Natural Disasters (Earthquakes, Cyclones, and Floods)

    Topics: Politics and Photographs

    Topics: National Parks

    Topics: Railroads

    Topic: Steam

    Topics: Urban Planning and Design

    Topics: US Gov Institutions

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