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Factiva User Guide


Browsing & Searching

This is a guide on how to use Factiva.


1) To search Factiva for journals, newspapers, wires, transcripts and more you must click on Search or Search Builder.


2) You can then enter your search terms in the Free Text box. Use "and" in between words and phrases. (Click Examples under the Free Text heading for suggestions on search strategies.)

3) Choose a date range. (Default is last 3 months).

4) Click Search.

More Search Options

Searches can be limited to a specific category by clicking on the relevant facet in the left column:

"More Options" allows you to limit the search to the full article, headline, author, etc. (default is set to full text). 

Factiva Expert Search

Factiva Expert Search allows you to limit your search to the categories below.  Click on the category to see subheadings.


Browsing the Factiva Newsstand

You can browse the current issues of a number of newspapers and publications such as the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the New York Times, Barrons and more from the Newsstand on the opening page of Factiva. Notice that you can either click on select articles or browse section by section.

To search prior years you must go to the Search Builder part of the database.