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Factiva User Guide



This is a guide on how to use Factiva.


  • Newspapers: The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Washington Post, The Globe and Mail, The Financial Times, South China Morning Post, The Irish Times, local newspapers and many more.
  • Newswires: Hundreds of  newswires including Dow Jones, Reuters and The Associated Press. the Press Association, Asia Pulse, Agence France Presse, Agencia EFE, the Australian Associated Press, ANSA, and other industry, press release and local newswires.
  • Television and Radio Transcripts: from the BBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, NPR, ABC, CTV, Deutsche Welle and more.

Boston College has an academic subscription to Factiva, which means that not all publications are available.

Embargoed Titles

Our academic subscription to Factiva doesn't allow access to all the content listed in the Source index. Occasionally you will do a search and receive a message -- "No results. This may be due to content restrictions."  Common titles of interest that are unavailable include the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times

To see a list of titles unavailable to academic customers:
1.Log into Factiva
2.Click on Search
3.Click the arrow next to "Look Up"
4 Uncheck the box marked Search Source Name/Alias only
5.Type rst=tbas into the the box for Find a Source.
6.Click the arrow next to the box to run the title search.