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Adding Library Tutorials to Your Course


Provide Video URL's

Provide library tutorial videos and quizzes for your students via url links or embedding in Canvas.

YouTube url's for Email or Syllabus

Adding videos by providing direct links is the simplest method of providing video content. Just go to the tutorials page on the library website, and follow brief instructions below. This method works best for providing a quick link via email or in a syllabus.

Choose the video(s) you would like to link to, find the "share" arrow in the upper right of the video, click it, and then highlight and copy the video url at the center of the screen. Social media links are available right below the url.

Use that url for a link in an email, syllabus, or Canvas announcement or assignment.

Share Button

YouTube video showing the share button in the upper right corner

YouTube URL

YouTube share url and social media buttons