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Biblical Exegesis


Searching for books

Searching for books on the library's website

Search the BC Catalog by subject, using the appropriate Library of Congress subject heading:

1. To determine the appropriate subject heading for a biblical text, go to the Library of Congress Authorities website, and enter "Bible.[Name of Biblical Book]" into the search box with "Subject Authority Headings" selected in the drop-down menu.


Library of Congress Authorities search interface


2. Browse the results list for headings of interest.  Some headings will contain chapter and verse references if much has been published on a passage.


 Library of Congress Authorities search results


3. Copy the heading and paste it into the Advanced Search box on the BC Libraries' website and set the "Any field" drop-down menu for that box to "Subject":


BC Libraries' advanced search page


4. Note that some passages that are more commonly known by the event they describe may have a subject heading for that event, instead of for the Bible citation.  For these headings, a "References" button on the Library of Congress Authorities website will direct you to the established heading that is used for that passage when you browse for the heading in the Subject Authority Headings results list. (For example, see "Bible.Luke, I, 46-55" and "Magnificat") 


Library of Congress Authorities search results

(Clicking on the "References" button leads you to this record, directing you to use the heading, "Magnificat")

Library of Congress Authorities cross reference to "Magnificat"

(In this instance, copy and paste the "Magnificat" heading in the Advanced Search box as was done for "Bible. Luke, VII, 36-50" above.)