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Biblical Exegesis


Database search tips, including NTA

A note on exegetical research

There is no standard way that scholars cite biblical passages, and so searching for content by keyword can be very tricky.  Often, you will find you get better results if you search using subject headings, and the sections below describe how you can do so in databases.

Searching for journal articles in the Atla Religion Database

Searching for journal articles on New Testament Abstracts Online

NTA from 1956-1984

NTA started in 1956 at what was then known as the Weston College of the Holy Spirit.  The issues from 1956 until 1984 are available electronically as well, through HathiTrust, a non-profit digital library.  This digital library does not have a feature to search by scripture reference as does the EBSCO database. Instead, to locate content on a particular biblical text, you can treat the digital copy as you would the print, and use the "Scripture Index" located in the back of each issue to identify the page on which the abstract for your passage is found.  Then navigate to that abstract by paging through the PDF.