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Text & Data Mining


JSTOR Constellate

This guide is intended to help researchers and librarians find the content, tools, training and other assistance available to engage in successful text mining research at Boston College.

Collections Available in Constellate

Data Extraction

  • The extracted text data can be downloaded: metadata in .csv file, and full text in .json file
  • Data can be called in Jupyter Notebook through dataset ID
  • Direct access to analysis module notebooks include: 
    • Metadata and Pre-Processing
    • Word Frequencies
    • Significant Terms
    • Topic Modeling

constellate extraction

Roadmap of Constellate

What is Constellate?

Constellate, the new text and data analytics service from JSTOR and Portico is a platform for learning and performing text analysis, building datasets, and sharing analytics course materials.  The platform provides value to users in three core areas -- they can teach and learn text analytics, build datasets from across multiple content sources, and visualize and analyze their datasets.

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For more information about using Constellate, please contact Data Services

For more customized coding examples, please visit BCDS Learn Text Analysis - Text Analysis in JSTOR tutorial