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Text & Data Mining


Nexis Data Lab

This guide is intended to help researchers and librarians find the content, tools, training and other assistance available to engage in successful text mining research at Boston College.

Nexis Data Lab Trial Information

Trial Period: March 15 - May 31, 2021

For more information: contact Data Services

Content available: News including legal News

Access to Nexis Text Data

Text data provided by Nexis Data Lab can be accessed through: 

  • Search: free search, e.g., sources, companies
  • Advanced Search: by terms, fields (e.g., headline, title, publication and etc.), date, document length, language, and source. Advanced Search Interface
  • Browsing by All Sources: Search Within Sources, Browse sources by alphabetical order, Narrow by Category, Practices Areas & Topics, and Publisher. Browse by All Sources Interface

Data Extraction

  • Data extraction example: Facebook
  • Text data include: metadata and full text of the news items
  • Limit for one extraction: 10,000

Nexis Data Lab Workspace

Text Analyze in Nexis Data Lab

Function codes provided include:

  • Import and read the extracted data
  • Further filter data by: number of articles, search term, subject, person, industry, company, country, and date
  • Get Metadata
  • Simple visualization, bar chart of the top counted subjects, and bar chart of the top mentioned person names
  • Retrieve article id of the extracted articles in Nexis Uni

Exemplar visualization of the search term "facebook":

example of visualization