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Text & Data Mining


HathiTrust Research Center

This guide is intended to help researchers and librarians find the content, tools, training and other assistance available to engage in successful text mining research at Boston College.

HTRC elephant head logoThe HathiTrust Research Center (HTRC) is the research arm of HathiTrust.  It facilitates scholarly research using the large-scale HathiTrust Digital Library by providing mechanisms for researchers to access content in the HathiTrust and study it using computational tools for text analysis.

Our Research Center

The HathiTrust Research Center (HTRC) enables computational analysis of the HathiTrust corpus. It is a collaborative research center launched jointly by Indiana University and the University of Illinois, along with HathiTrust, to help meet the technical challenges researchers face when dealing with massive amounts of digital text. It develops cutting-edge software tools and cyberinfrastructure to enable advanced computational access to the growing digital record of human knowledge.

HathiTrust Research Center


HTRC provides extensive documentation on the Tools, including instruction videos, tutorials, presentations, examples and Getting Started FAQs.

Create an account

Most of the HTRC services require an account to log in and interact with the tools. Register for an account by going to the Portal and choosing "Sign up" from the menu. Anyone using an email address from a nonprofit institution of higher education is allowed to register, including those whose institutions are not HathiTrust members. 


The HTRC has created a suite of tools that allow researchers to perform text analysis on content in the HathiTrust Digital Library. These tools include: