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Social Work Library


Writing/SPSS Tutors

Located on the lower ground floor of McGuinn Hall, the Social Work Library supports the teaching and research needs of the Boston College School of Social Work (BCSSW)

BCSSW Writing Tutors

BCSSW Graduate Assistant Writing Tutors are an added service available to members of the BCSSW community.

Tutors will provide feedback on:

  • Conceptualization
  • Logical development of ideas
  • Organizational structure

Remember—tutors are NOT editors or proofreaders. They will give feedback about sentence structure, grammatical usage and APA style, but they will not make corrections. Each student is responsible for learning and using APA format appropriately. See below for additional resources.

Writing Tutor Contact:

Availability:  SW Writing Tutors are primarily available via email Tuesday through Sunday during the academic year. 

Submission Details

All attempts will be made to turnaround the paper within 48 hours.  Please plan accordingly as the turnaround time could be longer during the midterms and finals.  It is advised to reference the 5 double spaced pages you would like to be reviewed when you submit the paper as the review is limited to 5 pages of one paper.  Include the rubric, due date, assignment and what you would like the tutor to focus on when reviewing the paper.  Multiple submissions of the same paper will not be reviewed in fairness to all students requesting assistance.  Each student is responsible for using the same principles used during the edit to then self-review the remaining pages of the submitted paper.  To submit papers electronically send a message with an attachment to

This is a free voluntary service created to assist the students at BCSSW.  Final outcome of the grade is dependent on the student's own efforts to meet the requirements of the assignment.  All BCSSW students are welcome to seek professional writing services outside of the University. ​

Connors Family Learning Center (CFLC)

The Center is also a resource available to you for writing support and other tutoring services. Located in the O'Neill Library on the second floor, the CFLC offers subject tutoring and learning disabilities services in addition to the writing assistance.

To schedule a tutoring appointment call, 617-552-0611 or stop by The Center to set up a time to meet with someone.

The Connors Family Learning Center (CFLC)
O'Neill Library, Room 200
140 Commonwealth Avenue
Chestnut Hill, MA  02467