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Introduction to BC Libraries


Getting Started

Boston College Libraries has the people, resources, and spaces to help you pursue creative, transformative projects at any stage of scholarship, from undergraduate First-year Writing through graduate theses and ground-breaking professional research, and the tools and staff to help you locate, get, and use information, and produce projects of all kinds.

Introduction to BC Libraries Video (1:52)

Video Text

Your years of hard work at BC have come full circle in a gallery opening at the O’Neill Library. You couldn’t have imagined when you first set foot on the campus that you would come this far,  even though your first encounter with a library cast a spell on you. 

Your first research assignment was so challenging that you almost thought you couldn't do it, but a librarian was there to show you the databases and books and everything you needed to start college on the right foot. When inspiration started to fire your creativity at O’Neill Library’s Digital Studio, everything started to come together in a series of projects through your years at Boston College that would ignite new passions and inflame old ones: digital images, book cover design from the mid-twentieth century at the Burns Library, local newspapers from the 19th century at the Theology and Ministry Library, resources on pressing social issues and challenges at the Social Work Library, and interactive technology and children’s literature at the Educational Resource Center.

It was as if some spirit were animating you, a muse so powerful that you could work all night to finish a senior project that rocked your class, and then grew into a public installation in the O’Neill Library gallery, where the proprietor of a renowned New York art gallery handed you his card and named a price. Then, with just one more research project between you and graduation, all you really needed was someone to share your happiness. At Boston College Libraries, anything can happen.