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Electronic Theses and Dissertations


Step 3 - Submit

Submitting your Graduate Thesis/Dissertation


Student checklist for ETD Submission

We have created a handy checklist for students to use before submitting their dissertation to ProQuest. More information on each item in the list can be found throughout this LibGuide. In order to use it, simply go to the link, click File → Make a copy... and begin editing your personal copy.

Submit your thesis/dissertation

When you begin your submission, you will be re-directed to ProQuest website where you will be asked to create an independent account with ProQuest. We strongly recommend using a permanent (non-BC) email address to create your ProQuest account. This will allow you to recover the password even after your BC email has been deactivated.

Your name as it appears on your ProQuest account should match the name you use on the title and copyright pages of your dissertation and your signature page (including the exact use of middle names or initials). You may use the name and styling of your choosing, but they must match in all places.

During the ProQuest submission, you are encouraged to provide key words and phrases that pertain to the essence of your thesis/dissertation.  Providing relevant key words will help people discover your ETD online more easily through searches. Please provide at least one and up to six key words or phrases that describe the topic and content of your thesis.

NOTE: Subject specialists in the BC Libraries can help you to optimize your choices of key words and phrases. Here is a list of subject specialists and their contact information. Please avail yourself of their services; creating subject-specific metadata is one of their core competencies.

Other information that you will be asked to provide to ProQuest includes:

  • Name of your committee chair
  • Your current contact information
  • Your future contact information and when it will take effect
  • Year your manuscript was completed
  • Year your degree was awarded
  • Which degree was awarded
  • Your abstract
  • In what primary language was your thesis/dissertation written (if not English, you will need to include English translations of your Title and abstract)

If you have any additional questions before starting your submission, please see Frequently Asked Questions or contact your ETD administrator.

Scholarly Communication Librarian