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Electronic Theses and Dissertations


Step 2 - Prepare

Submitting your Graduate Thesis/Dissertation


Student checklist for ETD Submission

We have created a handy checklist for students to use before submitting their dissertation to ProQuest. More information on each item in the list can be found throughout this LibGuide. In order to use it, simply go to the link, click File → Make a copy... and begin editing your personal copy.

Preparing Your Document

Your school may already have detailed guidelines regarding the structure and format of your document. Please check with your Dean’s office and/or its thesis/dissertation website.

The main document you submit must consist of a PDF file (for the thesis/dissertation) with all of its fonts embedded. See our how-to Embedding fonts document. None of Acrobat’s PDF security features should be activated.

Note: public computers in O’Neill Library's Digital Studio - Room 205 - are equipped with both Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat Pro.

To check your PDF properties to see if it meets all requirements, in Adobe Acrobat Reader, under File, select Properties. Check that the document includes the following properties

  • Under Security: Security Method: No Security; Document Restrictions Summary: Everything allowed
    • Note: If using Adobe Acrobat Reader, the system will say that Document Assembly and Page Extraction are not allowed. This is OK.
  • Under Fonts: All fonts should be listed either as embedded or as embedded subset.   

Image files should be included in the main PDF, by inserting JPEG files in the document.

Please review your document for the inclusion of any third-party copyrighted materials. Certain copyrighted works may be included under the fair use exception to the exclusive rights of copyright holders. If fair use does not apply, you may need to ask for permission from the copyright holder. For more information, consult the Copyright and Scholarship guide. If you need more help, please contact your subject librarian or John O'Connor.

You may also submit supplemental files, such as multimedia, preferably using non-proprietary file formats. If you have obtained permissions to include third-party copyrighted materials in your thesis/dissertation, these permissions should be submitted as supplemental files. You can also deposit accompanying data in our Boston College Dataverse and link to it from your dissertation.

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