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Data Management


Repositories for Data

Resources for researchers required to design a data management plan or who need assistance in data research.

Data Repositories

If you wish to deposit your data in an archive specific to your field, contact your subject specialist for assistance.  The following sites are also helpful in locating discipline-specific data repositories:

Examples of Discipline Specific Data Repositories

Subject/Discipline Example Archive/Repository
Ecology Dryad
DNA Sequences GenBank
Chemistrypsrweb/ICPSR/access/deposit/index.jsp Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre
Social Sciences ICPSR


Open Science Framework

Find Data Centers

Find data and the repositories housing that type of data.  The Data Centers link supports direct searching for repositories and their holdings.

Boston College Dataverse

The Boston College Dataverse is an open access data repository for researchers affiliated with Boston College. The repository consists of datasets produced by the Boston College community, available for public access and re-use. Each dataset includes citation information and a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), facilitating attribution, usage tracking and linking of data to research publications. Boston College Dataverse can play an important role in fulfilling Data Management Plan requirements by funding agencies, such as NSF and NIH, and provide for data re-use and archiving.This archive is supported by the Boston College Libraries and hosted by the Harvard Dataverse Network. For more information consult the Dataverse at Boston College help guide.

Data Storage and Security During Data Life Cycle

Support for research data during the life cyle is provided by ITS Research Services and the Library Institutional Repository as described above.

ITS Research Services provides space for data storage and security for BC researchers. Files stored on the archive are backed up nightly.  For further information and instructions for requesting an account go to Research Data Archive.

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