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Social Work Library Technology


Getting Started

Using cameras, computers, and other equipment in the Social Work Library


The Social Work Library has a total of twenty-four computer workstations

  • 4 Mac Desktops
  • 4 Dell Desktops (one guest account for public use)
  • Kic Scanner and Flatbed Scanner
  • 16 Mac laptops 
  • 10 Dell laptops
  • 6 iPads for SSW community only 
  • Mac and Dell chargers
  • USB-C Cell phone chargers
  • 2 Black and White Printers
  • 1 Color Printer
  • 2 TI-84 calculators
  • Mac HDMI/VGA adaptors
    • VGA to HDMI, USB-C to VGA, USB-C to HDMI, HDMI to VGA