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LibGuides for Guide Authors: Getting Started (OLD)


Aligning Text & Images

Everything -- well, nearly everything -- you need to get started with LibGuides and publish your guides

Aligning Images and Text

In addition to entering the Image URL, there are several settings you can adjust when you add images to a LibGuides text box.  The box at right shows how to use some of these setting to align images with text.

Aligning Images and Text

Default Setting

If you leave the image aligment as "Not Set" (the default), any text you type will begin to the right of the image aligned with the bottom of the image (as shown here).  If it is long enough to wrap, it will continue underneath the image. This setting is generally not ideal, as it will leave a lot of white space.


If you want the text to appear next to the image, change the alignment drop-down menu to left.  It will then look like this.  Notice that there is also more space between the picture and the text.  This is controlled by changing the horizontal space setting from blank, or 0, to a certain number of pixels.  (Here it is set to 3.) Again, if the text is long enough it will wrap underneath the image.


Alternatively, you can change the alignment drop-down menu to right.  It will then look like this.  This example also uses a wider horizontal space. (10 pixels instead of 3.)