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LibGuides for Guide Authors: Getting Started (OLD)



Everything -- well, nearly everything -- you need to get started with LibGuides and publish your guides


This guide is for archival purposes only.

Please see the new LibGuides Best Practices guide for updated content.

Almost There

Once you have added all of your content and are ready to publish, there are still a few more steps -- outlined on this page -- that you need to take.

Once these steps are completed, your guide will be published and will be listed on the main LibGuides @ BC page.

Of course, you can continue to make changes to the guide after it is published.

Reviewing and Publishing Your Guide

Reviewing your guide:

  • To see what your guide will look like when published, click on Preview on the yellow command bar at the top of the page. The preview page will open in a new window.

Getting feedback:

  • When you are ready for others to review your guide:
    • Change the status from Unpublished to Private.
      • Click on Guide Setting on the command bar.
      • Select Change Guide Information.
      • Change the Guide Publication Status from Unpublished to Private using drop-down menu.
      • Click on Save.
    • Send a request for feedback, with the URL, to and (Make sure the URL has "...content.php..." in it, not "..."aecontent.php..."; the aecontent is the edit mode.)
    • The protocol calls for a week for people to provide feedback, after which you can publish the guide. (In special circumstances -- for example when a guide is needed right away for a presentation -- the guide can be published while still waiting for feedback.)

Publishing your guide:

  • At the end of the feedback period and after you've made any changes, you can publish the guide.
    • Give it a "friendly URL."
      • Click on Guide Setting on the command bar
      • Select Change Guide Information.
      • Enter a single word or words running together in the Friendly URL box. (It will be appended to as the friendly URL for the guide (i.e.,, etc.)
    • Change the status from Private to Published.
    • Assign the guide to a subject category.
      • Click on the Subject Associations tab.
      • Select a subject from the drop-down menu and hit the Associate button.
      • Repeat for additional subjects.
        • Note: If the guide is a course guide, include the Course Guides subject category.
    • Optional: Add tags (under the Assigned Tags tab). (Do not add tags until you are ready to publish.)
    • Hit the Save button.
    • Add a Link to the guide on the appropriate subject portal. If it should go on a portal that you do not edit, send a message to the subject librarian.