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LibGuides for Guide Authors: Getting Started (OLD)


5. Embedded Media

Everything -- well, nearly everything -- you need to get started with LibGuides and publish your guides

About Embedded Media Boxes

An Embedded Media box displays a video or audio that a user can click on to play within your LibGuide.

Videos can be from YouTube or other video sharing sites that provide embedding code.

Note that many videos are too wide for a narrow column, though they can be resized by changing the code.

Adding/Editing an Embedded Video

Adding a video to an Embeded Video box:

  • Click on
  • Paste in the embedding code cut from the video sharing site.
  • Click on Embed It

Editing a video link in an Embeded Video box:

  • Click on 
  • Edit the information you want to change.
  • Click on Save Changes.

Note: Descriptive text about an Embedded Media box as a whole can be entered at the top of the box.


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