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Getting Material from a Distance

Loan policies at the Boston College Libraries

Getting print material

We subscribe to many online resources that can be found in our Library Catalog and accessed from off-campus with your BC login. If the item you need is only available in print, find out how you can access library material when you cannot come to campus. Delivery of print material is a free service for BC students and faculty.

Item Availability How to find and request

Physical items (Books, DVDs, CDs, etc)

1-2 weeks

Choose an option:

  • Search WorldCat; click Request Item to request the book; on the Loan Request form, Select pickup location, choose Remote User (Staff will contact you)
  • Fill in the Interlibrary Loan Loan Request; under Select pickup location, choose Remote User (Staff will contact you)

Staff will contact you to confirm your address details and then mail you the book. We will either send you the book from our collection or if we don't own it, attempt to borrow it from another library.

Articles 1-3 days

Choose an option:

Book chapters (up to 10% of book) 1-3 days

Choose an option:

  • Search the Catalog, and use the Request Book Chapter link. We will email you one chapter or up to 10% of the book depending on copyright compliance.
  • Fill in the Interlibrary Loan Copy Request.