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iPads in Education


Getting Started

iPads in Education

A banner image of students using ipads in the classroomTechnology in the classroom is changing educational practices. Utilizing iPads in the classroom opens up a student's engagement with learning and communication. Integrating iPad technology in the classroom  improves collaboration, creativity, higher-level thinking, and personalized learning. It also prepares students for college and career readiness.  This guide provides information about iPads  and apps for use in the classroom to increase teacher awareness and usability of technological and collaborative learning in the classroom.

iPad Loans

The ERC has iPads for loan to members of the Boston College community. The iPads circulate for four days or 2 hours. Patrons cannot reserve individual iPads in advance as they are handled on a first-come-first-serve basis. Check the catalog to see how many iPads are available for loan.

iPad Classroom Sets

The ERC also has four Classroom Sets of iPads that are designed to be used as a teaching tool in a classroom. A Classroom Set includes 6 iPads which must be checked out together.  A Classroom Set circulates from Monday to Thursday and from Thursday to Monday.

The fine for an overdue Classroom Set accumulates at the rate of $10.00 a day or portion of a day the Set is late, the period from 6pm-10pm counts as one day. Example: The Classroom Set is due Monday but returned Tuesday, the fine is $20.00. This is to ensure that the Classroom Set is back for the next patron.

Please see the ERC Circulation Desk or email the ERC at for further details or reservations.


All digital equipment with a 4 day loan may be borrowed for only FOUR DAYS.

The fine for overdue digital equipment is:

  • $10 non-refundable charge for 1 piece of equipment every day it is overdue
  • $20 non-refundable charge for a set of equipment every day it is overdue (a set is 1 piece of technology, i.e. a camcorder, iPad, digital voice recorder, etc., plus its supporting components)

For example:

If only a camcorder is 3 days overdue, then there is a $30 charge.

If a camcorder and any of its components (battery, power adapter, firewire cable, etc.) are 3 days overdue, then there is a $60 charge.

When charges are billed to Boston College Student Accounts, the borrower is responsible for all charges associated with each item.  The charges are dependent on the cost of replacing the particular item that is overdue or lost.

There will be a replacement charge for lost bags and tags.

Overdue charges will affect borrowing privileges at all Boston College Libraries.

Suggestions for ERC iPads

To suggest an app to be added to the ERC iPads or to provide any feedback on the ERC iPads, please email the ERC at

Education Librarian

Tiffeni Fontno
Educational Resource Center
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