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Virtual Book Display


Outsmart the Misinfo Trap

A periodically rotating display of books in the BC Libraries collection, by theme.

As the web and social media have come to dominate a world of information that used to be mediated--by book and periodical publisher and television and radio broadcasters--we're all faced with a world of information full of voices that were once muted by gatekeepers. On the one hand, it's more democratic; on the other, it's overwhelming, chaotic, and replete with people taking advantage of our trust. It's the Wild West. Adapting to this overwhelming torrent of information, misinformation, and disinformation is hard. Our old strategies for sorting the good from the bad--adapted for a world in which a lot of our information was pre-filtered--no longer work. How can we ensure that we discard disinformation and misinformation? How do we ensure the information we're finding is based on solid evidence and reason? Here are some titles that might help. You can also find articles and links on our News Literacy guide.