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SOCY1501/EESC1501: Global Implications of Climate Change



This course guide provides links to resources and library services for SOCY1501/EESC1501: Global Implications of Climate Change.

To Locate Journal Articles

Climate change issues are being discussed across many, many disciplines. Search for journal articles on the topic using one of the databases listed below,  or try the Library's Databases page, by subject listing and the Boston College Libraries' Research Guides.

Here are a few key databases you should consider:

Finding Scholarly Journals

Selected Journals and Journal Articles

The following journals are rich sources of information on the topic of global warming; many other journals having a broader focus also publish articles on this topic. See the side bar for information on databases which provide access to the journal literature.

        Nature Climate Change (Nature Publishing Group, 2011 - )

Annual Review of Environment and Resources (Annual Reviews, 2003 -)
Earlier titles 1976 -

Global Environmental Change (Elsevier ScienceDirect, 1995 - )

International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education (MCB University Press, 2000 - )

Clemmitt, M. Climate change. CQ Researcher. Jan 27, 2006 Vol. 16: 73 - 96.

Collins, W. et al. The physical science behind climate change. Scientific American. Aug 2007 Vol. 297 (2): 64 -

Oreskes, N. The scientific consensus on climate change. Science. Dec. 3, 2004 Vol. 306 (5702): 1686.

Weart, S. R. The discovery of the risk of global warming. Physics Today. Jan 1997. Vol. 50 (1): 34-40.