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Smart Board Use In Education



This guide gives an overview of Smart Notebook features and how to integrate the technology into curriculum.

Overview OF Interactive SMART Boards

  • Interactive whiteboards are being used more and more in schools as a way to improve student learning outcomes.
  • SMART Boards are an instructional tool using digital images displayed and manipulated on a board using a projector.
  • SMART Boards increase student engagement and collaborative learning in the classroom

Interactive SMART Board in the ERC

The Educational Resource Center has an interactive whiteboard in classroom G16 and another interactive whiteboard specifically for student use in the ERC Interactive Technology Room.  The student use SMART Board is available for a 2-hour reservation period.  Inquire at the circulation desk for further information or email the ERC.


SMART Board Applications

​The ERC has the following SMART Board applications for use:

  • Smart Notebook-creates interactive lessons
  • Smart Response-creates assessment
  • Smart Lab-game based learning

SMART Boards & Curriculum

​SMART Boards can be integrated into curriculum or classroom management. Listed are some examples of use in the classroom:

  • Notes, brainstorming, and concept mapping                  
  • Assessments and exit slips
  • Embed multimedia
  • Flipped classroom modules
  • Morning routines
  • Classroom participation
  • Collaborative learning                    
  • Educational gaming
  • Click-and-drag activities
  • Interactive worksheets
  • Graphic organizers
  • Slide presentations
  • Assessments and exit slips
  • Embed multimedia
  • Flipped classroom modules

SMART Board Applications & Lesson Plans

When do you use SMART applications when planning a lesson?  Below are parts of a lesson plan and suggestions for SMART application integration.

SMART Apps & Lesson Plans
Parts of a Lesson Plan SMART App Use
SMART Notebook
SMART Response
Anticipatory Set/Background Knowledge/Vocabulary SMART Lab, SMART Notebook
Direct Instruction SMART Notebook, SMART Exchange
Guided Practice SMART Notebook, SMART Exchange
Independent Practice/Guided Small Groups SMART Notebook
Assessment/Follow Up
(Summative/Post Assessment)
SMART Response, SMART Lab


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