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Smart Board Use In Education


SMART Response Basics

This guide gives an overview of Smart Notebook features and how to integrate the technology into curriculum.

Curricular Use

Listed below are activities to use with SMART Response in your lesson plans: 

  • Formative assessment
    • Short answer
    • Open ended answer
    • Multiple choice
    • Multiple answer
  • Summative Assessment
  • Pre & Post Test
  • Exit Slip


To create or open a SMART Response assessment you will need:

Students can use the following internet enabled devices, such as:

  • Desktops
  • Laptops​
  • iPads
  • Mobile devices​

The ERC has sets of iPads to take to classrooms for SMART Response use.


SMART Response

SMART Response is an assessment tool to help you instantly see if students understand your lesson. Accessible through a button in SMART Notebook, you can easily create question sets for lessons.  Watch video for classroom applications.

Additional SMART Response Features

  • Save question sets
  • Results can be saved & downloaded to Excel or grade books
  • Set time limits
  • Add images to questions