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Library Orientation for Chemistry Graduate Students



Overview of resources and services to support your research.
Do you have an ORCID ID?
Yes: 5 votes (13.51%)
No: 32 votes (86.49%)
Total Votes: 37
Do you have a Google Scholar profile?
Yes: 9 votes (23.68%)
No: 29 votes (76.32%)
Total Votes: 38
Do you have a LinkedIn profile?
Yes: 31 votes (79.49%)
No: 8 votes (20.51%)
Total Votes: 39

Why do you need an ORCID iD?

  • Funding: NIH requires ORCID iDs for individuals supported by research training, fellowship, research education, and career development awards
  • Publishing: ACS, APS, IOP, RSC, Science, Springer Nature, Wiley, and other publishers request or require ORCID iDs for submitted manuscripts