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Reserve a Locker


O’Neill Library has 30 lockers that circulate for 4-hour periods (day lockers) and 150 lockers that can be checked our for an entire academic session (long-term lockers). All lockers are available on first come first serve basis for graduate and undergraduate students.

I'm Available Locker sign

Obtaining a Locker in O'Neill Library

Undergraduate and graduate students may obtain a day locker at the O'Neill Library's first floor, or a long-term locker at the O'Neill Library's third floor circulation desk

Where are the lockers located?

Day lockers are located by the stairs on the first floor. Long-term lockers are located on the west side of the fourth floor.

How do I reserve a locker?

 All lockers are available on first come first serve basis. Day lockers are not labeled. Available long-term lockers l have a velcro "I'm Available" sign on it. Please bring this tag to the third floor circulation desk and a staff member will sign you up for a locker.

For how long do I get my locker?

Day lockers circulate for 4-hour periods.

Long term lockers circulate as follows:

  • Academic Year  - Fall and Spring semesters

  • Summer Session  - mid-May to mid-August

What else should I know?

Long-term lockers may not be used to store perishable food for extended periods of time, or non-charged library materials (including Periodicals, DVD's, CD's and materials from the Reference Collection).

Students who check out long-term lockers should expect to receive an email reminder 3 weeks before the expiration date. On the expiration date, any library books left in your locker will be removed from your library record and returned to the stacks. Unclaimed personal property will be held at the library for one month before being discarded.

Neither Boston College nor Boston College Libraries are responsible for the loss or damage of any material stored in lockers. We are also not responsible for unclaimed materials left in lockers after the expiration date has passed.