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Library Instruction



How do I request an instruction session?

You can contact the subject liaison for your department directly, or you can fill out the Instruction Request form and someone will be in touch with you.

What are some of the classes offered by the Library?

We offer instruction on library and research skills at all levels. Our mission is to promote students’ understanding and use of information in the discovery, creation and transmission of knowledge to enhance their academic experience. We look forward to meeting with you and to working with your students. Some sessions include:

Introduction to Library Resources - Librarians work closely with students to introduce a variety of resources and services, especially useful for students new to the university.

Subject-Related Instruction - Overviews of discipline-specific collections and research practices, working in conjunction with faculty requests.

Technology-Related Instruction - Introduces students to new technologies that can help with research. 

Assignment-based Instruction - Librarians collaborate with faculty to match library instruction to specific course objectives, such as providing specific research tools and suggestions based on research assignments. May span more than one class period.

Blended Instruction - Librarians work with faculty to integrate library material with Canvas, either by directly adding the librarian to the Canvas course, or by providing content to enhance an in-person library instruction session.

Our goal is to enhance a student's understanding of the research process by introducing them to the resources, tools, and methodologies needed to be successful in their courses. We aim to work with faculty to develop sessions tailored to meet the needs of a specific course or class. We welcome feedback and recommendations for future instructional topics. 

Can I send students for individual help with research?

Yes. You can set up individual consultations with a subject liaison by contacting them directly, or you can use our Ask a Librarian services for more immediate or general questions. 

What is covered in New Student Orientation sessions?

We are happy to be a part of the First Year Experience program at Boston College, and look forward to this opportunity to share information about library services to all incoming freshmen and transfer students. We also enjoy working with the Office of Graduate Student Life in co-sponsoring the Graduate Student Reception for incoming graduate and professional students, and enjoy participating in numerous orientation events for graduate students. In addition, librarians are available to provide custom orientations for different groups and departments, and we are always interested in finding new ways to introduce students to the libraries. 


Are there online tutorials for students?

You can import BC Libraries Core Skills Video Tutorials directly into your Canvas courses through Canvas Commons.

screenshot of canvas commons showing "show public resources" switch set to off

Just click on the Canvas Commons link in the left nav bar in Canvas. In Commons, deselect the "Show Public Resources" switch. You will see 8 videos and 7 quizzes. Click on any resource to see a description, and add it to your Canvas course(s) with the "Import Into Canvas" menu in the upper right. Videos will add as pages with embedded YouTube videos, and quizzes are set to "practice quiz" by default - that is, they will not be added to your Canvas gradebook unless you change the quiz settings.