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Introduction to LibGuides


Your Profile

An introductory guide to the basic features of LibGuides v2.


In LibGuides, an important way to identify yourself to your audience is through a public profile. A profile contains a picture, contact information, web links, subject specialties and several avenues of communication. You can configure the information displayed in your profile by accessing the My Profile menu option from the LibApps Dashboard.

My Profile menu option from the LibApps Dashboard

NB: The information entered in the My Profile page will exist all throughout the LibApps applications including LibGuides and future versions of LibCal and LibAnswers. This is why the profile option exists only in the LibApps Dashboard and not the LibGuides Dashboard as had been the case with the original LibGuides.

There are two ways your profile information is displayed with LibGuides: A Profile Box and a Profile Page.

Profile Box

The profile box is a self-contained box that displays on the guides you create. By default, your profile box is added to the first page of any guide when it is initially created. A profile box can be placed on any page you like.

There is a variety of personal information that can be attached to the profile box. This personal information includes a preferred picture, contact information, widgets such as LibChat status, and social media links.

The most important information you should review is the Contacts & Social section. The General tab is where you enter your work phone number, physical address and email address.

Click on any dashed underlined text to change that text for that field.


LibApps profile with social media link icons

Social Media links can be created in the Social Media and Social Cataloging tabs. These links will appear in the profile box as a small icon. It's up to you how much you want to share!


Widgets section of LibApps profile page

LibChat, LibCal and LibAnswers widgets can be attached to your account through the Widgets section. These will require a specific widget code to be generated for you.

NB: If your LibGuides v1 account had your LibChat or LibCal information embedded in the profile box then that same information has been migrated over safely.

Profile Page

The profile page is a stand-alone page containing all the profile information that you entered in your profile box and includes an optional personal statement. 

my profile page screenshot 

It is possible to disable your profile page but you should consider always having a profile present.

The Profile Page Preview tab isn't active at this point in time, yet your profile page is accessible by clicking on your profile box on any of your authored guides.

Display Options

Inside each section in the Profile Box tab is a Display Options button pair.

LibApps profile display option controls

For instance, if you prefer to have your Social Cataloging account links to be visible only in your profile page and not your profile box then click the "Page Only" button in the Social section.

This can be useful for maintaining a brief and small profile box so that it doesn't take up much screen real estate.

Your profile page will contain all the information entered into your profile even if it isn't displayed on your profile box.