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Introduction to LibGuides


Your Images

An introductory guide to the basic features of LibGuides v2.


Images are a unique kind of asset and are accessed separately from other kinds of assets because they don't automatically get shared between users. An image asset can be managed only by the user who uploaded that image asset.

You can configure your image assets by accessing the Image Manager menu option from the LibApps Dashboard.

.Image Manager link from LibApps menu

The Image Manager allows you to upload and organize the image assets you use across your guides into your private Personal Library. More so, there is also a Shared Library of select image assets that all BC libraries users can access. 

Personal Library

Your Personal Library is a private space for you to upload and organize your image assets. Image assets may be uploaded to your Personal Library before you begin working on a guide or they can be uploaded and immediately used during the guide creation workflow.

Uploading a New Image Asset

Uploading a new image asset is as easy clicking the "Upload New Image" button. Once it is uploaded, which should only take a few seconds, a thumbnail representation of the image asset is placed in the "ROOT (default)" folder in your Personal Library. All image assets are stored on Springshare's private server.

Deleting an Image Asset

To delete an image you will click the x button on the top-right of the image asset thumbnail. BE CAREFUL! Once you delete an image asset it'll also permanently remove it from any guide that currently uses it!

Creating a New Folder

Organizing your image assets into folders is a good idea and can certainly help sort through the dozens of images you may collect over time. To create a new folder first give it a name in the input box that is labeled "Create New Folder" and then click the Create button. You'll see the newly named folder listed in the FOLDERS directory. 

Moving an Image Asset to a Different Folder

There is a small truck button in the action menu below the image thumbnail. This button, when clicked, will display a small drop down menu where you can choose the Personal Library folder where the image should be placed.

Other Image Asset Functions

  • The magnifying glass button will display the image asset at full size.
  • The chain/link button will display the full URL where the image is stored.

Shared Library

The Shared Library is a folder separate from your private Personal Library that is available to all LibGuides users at Boston College Libraries. This folder will contain a set of common image assets that should be reused rather than uploaded multiple times across numerous users. This will help keep variations of the same image under control.

Shared Library panel

The Shared Library is free for users to add and remove image assets. For now, be a good LibGuides citizen and do not delete images from the Shared Library as they may be used by your colleagues!

If there is an image you think would make a good addition to the Shared Library then please contact Systems to let them know!