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Korean Studies (Prof. Hwang)


Find Primary Sources

Resources to support research in the courses Human Rights and Democratic Transitions in Korea and Divided Korea

What's on This Page

This page has a lot on it. You can use the following anchors (links down the page) to jump straight to a relevant box.

    Korean Historical and Cultural Sources

    Sources: Data & Statistics

    For access to additional datasets, visit out Historical Data & Statistics page.

    Sources: Ego Documents (e.g., memoirs, diaries)

    Base search for ego documents in a library catalog can include (memoir OR diary OR letters OR "personal narrative" OR autobiography) AND whatever topic you're looking for. Here is a base search for material with "Korea*" as a Subject. I suggest limiting the memoir, etc., to a title search for more precise results. 


    Sources: Images and Other Ephemera

    Sources: Law and Gov. Docs.

    Government Publications

    Individual Titles

    Government Ministries and/or Departments

    Government News

    International Organizations and Affairs

    Sources: Literature and Old Books

    Sources: Movies and Video

    Sources: Music

    Sources: Newspapers and Other Periodicals

    North Korean

    International, including Korean

    For historical newspapers and television, visit BC Libraries' Historical News page.

    Sources: Oral Histories

    For access to additional content, visit our Oral Histories page.

    Sources: Scholarship

    For additional suggestions for finding scholarship on Korean history, visit BC Libraries' Guide to Scholarship Research in Asian History.

    Topics: Japanese Colonization of Korea

    Topics: Human Rights and Korea

    For additional suggestions on sources, see BC Libraries' Human Rights in East Asia Research Guide.

    Topics: Independence Movement

    Topics: Korean War

    See also section "U.S. and Britain on Korea" below.

    Topics: North Korea

    Topics: United States and Britain on Korea

    Broad Digital Collections