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News Literacy


3. Consumers and Sharers

A guide to reading (and sharing) news in the "post-truth" world.

Explore why you and others would share misinformation or strongly biased information, and explore ways to become more aware both of what you tend to share reflexively and how the "other half" lives and shares. Learn about some tools you can use to verify content before you share.

Disrupt Networks of Misinformation

Network diagram of Facebook pages sharing links about the "Great Reset," which shows a robust network of sharing misinformation, and comparitavely small pockets of shared fact-checks.

A network image of conspiracy theories striding around the world (purple) while fact-checks (orange) struggle to put their boots on. 

Why Share Misinformation?

"false information outperforms true information"

--Sourush Vosoughi, MIT

Video: How you help spread thought-germs:

Account for Your Own Biases

Be Critical

Verify Accounts & Posts