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UNAS1716/UNAS1717: Hiroshima to K-Pop


Getting Started

Course research guide for students in Hiroshima to K-Pop

Researching in the Humanities

This page provides a few entry points for students getting started with college-level research. The goal here it to move beyond a Google search and begin searching intentionally for excellent material. 

Background Information to Start Your Research

Finding Journal Articles for Context

Interdisciplinary Streaming Films

Additional Platforms

Additional titles are also available through Amazon Prime and Netflix. Students should be aware that the libraries can't acquire licenses for those titles. 

Citations in History (Footnotes and Bibliographies)

Historians usually use the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS, currently in the 17th edition) to format their bibliographies and notes (be they footnotes or endnotes). While it is possible to format your notes and bibliography by hand, most of us use a citation manager, often Zotero, to help organize their notes. 

This guide is designed to get you started with some of the basic types of documents you might need to cite in a paper. Scholars cite to their sources for two main reasons: First) To acknowledge the material they are drawing on. Second) To provide evidence, allowing readers to follow their research.

To achieve both goals, most scholars use an established style guide to facilitate comprehension. Historians usually use the Chicago Manual of Style (currently in its 17th edition). The rules in those guides can be a pain to learn, but the payoff is high enough to make it worth it.

Note: You should acknowledge where you got your information whether or not you quote them. That means using footnotes in almost every paragraph in your paper excepting your conclusion. If unsure, ask your librarian.

Library Session Documents

Subject Librarian for History

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