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LibGuides Standards and Best Practices


Publishing Checklist


Before publishing your guide or submitting for review, please review the following checklist and ensure that the criteria has been met.

This guide has been checked for:
  Fonts, colors and styles are standard (link)
  All boxes, pages and guide titles follow proper naming convention (link)
  Content adheres to editorial guidelines (link)
  Every page has a Friendly URL (link)
  Subpages are kept to a minimum (link)
  Librarian profile box is used on the top-right of the home page (link)
  No more than two columns used per page (link)
  Guide has been viewed on multiple devices to check responsiveness (link)
  Database and links have descriptions that are displayed below the link title (link)
  All images have ALT-text descriptions (link)
  Text that was copied-and-pasted into the guide was cleared of nonstandard styling (link)
  Lists of links are kept short (link)
  Resources are ordered by relevance (link)
  Boxes are ordered and placed based on responsive design principles (link)