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Executive Branch: American Government


Economic Policy & Budget

This guide provides an overview of resources on the Executive Office of the President.

The Budget Process

Fiscal year runs from Oct. 1 - Sep. 30. The President, with help from the Office of Management and Budget, draws up budget proposal. 

  • President submits the budget proposal to Congress each January
  • Within 10 days, president also submits the Economic Report of the President
  • Congress treats the budget as a bill and may change or accept proposals using analysis from the Congressional Budget Office
  • Throughout the fiscal year, Congress will enact authorization bills to create federal programs and appropriations bills to fund them

Source: Robinson, Judith Schiek. Tapping the Government Grapevine. Phoenix: Oryx, 1998.


Legislative Resources

In the course of assessing the president's budget, congressional committees hold hearings and release reports, just as they do when deliberating any other bill.  

Historical Sources