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Executive Branch Publications


Economic Policy & Budget

This guide provides an overview of resources on the Executive Office of the President.

Budget of the United States Government

Economic Report of the President

Cover image of the printed Economic Report of the President

Legislative Resources

In the course of assessing the president's budget, congressional committees hold hearings and release reports, just as they do when deliberating any other bill.  

The Budget Process

  • Fiscal year runs from Oct. 1 - Sep. 30
  • President, with help from the Office of Management and Budget, draws up budget proposal (Budget of the U. S. Government)
  • President submits this document to Congress each January
  • Within 10 days, president also submits the Economic Report of the President
  • Congress treats the budget as a bill and may change or accept proposals using analysis from the Congressional Budget Office
  • Throughout the fiscal year, Congress will enact authorization bills to create federal programs and appropriations bills to fund them

Source: Robinson, Judith Schiek. Tapping the Government Grapevine. Phoenix: Oryx, 1998.

Historical Sources

Office of Management and Budget

  • Assists president in preparation of the budget
  • Supervises/evaluates federal agencies and their performance
  • Sets funding priorities

Council of Economic Advisors

  • Three member panel appointed by president; appointments are subject to Senate confirmation
  • Assists in preparation of the Economic Report of the President
  • Evaluates economic trends and assesses likely effects of such trends on policy goals